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Welcome to the first ever guest post here at DIY Weddings, DIY Button Holes created by the talented Chloe of Adore by Chloe! In her own words Chloe is a “tea-loving editor who loves unique, handmade, and pretty things.”  With the motto “Eat, Craft, and be Married” Adore by Chloe is a wonderful resource for brides seeking creative wedding inspiration and so much more!

Chloe recently shared a round-up of ideas for non-floral button holes, or boutonnieres, and she created a tutorial for making your own especially for our readers! Be sure to visit Adore by Chloe for lots more ideas, inspiration, and even a handpicked shopping directory of UK suppliers!  And now for the button holes:

To make them you will need…


  • Thin crafting wire
  • Patterned paper (I used some sheet music)
  • Buttons
  • A small piece of lace
  • Burlap or hessian
  • String
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread

 How to make them…

 Step 1 ~ Make three little paper and button flowers by cutting little shapes from the paper. Place a button in the centre of the flower shape then push through some thin crafting wire from underneath, over and back through another hole in the button. Twist the wire underneath to hold in place. 



 Step 2 ~ Make a string flower using a small felt circle and some string. Tie a knot in the end then glue this to the centre of the felt. Now twist the string round and glue as you cover the felt. Leave a good length of spare string and attach some wire, twisting together the ends.


 Step 3 ~ Make a lace flower by concertina folding a small piece of lace and securing with a few stitches at one end. Push through some crafting wire and twist to form the ‘stem’.


Step 4 ~ Cut two leaf shapes from the burlap material and thread the crafting wire up the centre to the tip then back down the back to keep sturdy. Twist the wire as above to secure and leave some spare wire to work with later.


 Now you should have a selection of crafty flowers to make up the buttonhole!


 Step 5 ~ Position the two burlap leaves then twist the wires together.


 Step 6 ~ Add on the lace flower, button flowers and string flower, twisting the wires together as you go.

 Step 7 ~ Tidy the twisted wires then wrap tightly with the spare string from your circular flower to cover all the wires. Secure at the back with a few stitches or glue.

For more crafty wedding ideas, DIY projects and yummy recipes visit my blog and say hello!

 Happy crafting, Chloe x



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