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Handmade Wedding Crafts Giveaway

I just adore the quirky vintage style of self-proclaimed 1950’s fan and passionate crafter Betty Bee! I received a copy of her new book, Handmade Wedding Crafts, and was immediately smitten with her glam-girl-meets-handmade style. The book shares 35 vintage-inspired projects in 4 themed chapters: Shabby Chic, Quirky Glamour, Fabulous Vintage, and Crafting Over Cocktails. Handmade Wedding Crafts is perfect for brides who want to add special details to their big day. Lots of  colorful photos and easy to follow instructions make it possible for even novice crafters to do just that!

To celebrate the release of this charming book, I’m giving away a copy here at DIY Weddings! Just leave a comment on this post before midnight CST on Monday, March 18th, 2013 for your chance to win. Enter as often as you like!

Betty Bee Vintage Interview

I was delighted to have the chance to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Betty Bee’s world and what inspires her. She graciously answered all my burning questions about her experiences as a first-time book author, and shared her favorite projects from her new book Handmade Wedding Crafts. Please enjoy reading her responses, and be sure to check out all the links at the bottom of this post to learn even more. Now, meet Betty Bee!

What is it about the 1950’s era that inspires you? Is that your favourite era?

I love the glamour, the optimism and the colour palette of the 1950’s. As a style it is without doubt one of my favourites but I am also obsessed with the court of Marie Antoinette in the 1700s. The decadence and sheer luxury is very seductive (obviously wasn’t as much fun for the starving peasants buts lets brush over that.)

What are your go-to materials for your craft projects?

I’m definitely a “want results quick” type of crafter so I have to say my hot glue gun. I love how in mere minutes you can make a felt flower or brooch with just a few dabs of molten hot adhesive. Watch those fingers though!

Do you have a favourite project in your book?

I really loved doing them all but for sheer prettiness the bird cage thank you card holder was something I would happily have in my home. I also loved the name card holders made out of vintage forks. Simplicity and recycling, two of my favourite things.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned about yourself as a first-time book author?

Having always had a very strong sense of personal style I did struggle at first with reaching a balance between creating items which I liked whilst also taking traditional wedding styling into account. Once I threw myself into learning all I could about dressing weddings I surprised myself by actually coming to love some very classic themes over the quirky ones.

Tell us a bit about your vintage pamper parties please. How did those come to be, and how do they work?

I used to run a local burlesque night and would often have ladies approach me asking me how I did my hair and make up and also wondering if I knew where they could learn to do burlesque. The idea to do a one off event where girls could come and be taught some hair and make up tricks was born (I’m a make up artist by trade) and as my husband is a well known photographer I roped him in to take some pictures. The first event sold out in days and I quickly realised I had the makings of a business.  We now run hundreds of events a year, all with different themes so you can have 1920’s, 1950’s, superheroes and the workshops we teach can be burlesque, jive dancing, crafts and cake icing. It’s all very glamorous and great fun.

Who are your favourite inspirations when it comes to handmade crafts?

I adore ingenuity so if someone makes an old bath into a chair I am all over it. I love clever upcycling and also love crafts where the end project looks really beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of folksy looking crafts. I think handmade can also look stylish and elegant so any crafts which result in this get my vote.

Where are your favourite places to discover the vintage finds you use in your projects?

Jumble sales, charity shops, skips, auctions, I’m constantly on the look out for things. The men at the local tip know me by name now and are forever saving bits and pieces for me.

What inspired you to become a writer and a crafter?

I’ve always loved to write and have kept a journal from a young age. I wanted to be an artist but lack the skills so exploring crafts is a wonderful way for me to flex my artistic muscle without relying on my terrible life drawing skills.

Writing a book for the first time is a big challenge! Can you share with us a bit of your process and what you loved most about writing the book?

I learnt so much along the way writing this book. In terms of scheduling I am someone who works well under pressure but it can seem like you have forever before your deadline and I know I took my own sweet time and then suddenly I was up against the clock so I would defiantly say keep your eye on where you a re spending your time. Finally sometimes even the best laid plans can go wrong and I had planned a couple of projects which just didn’t turn out how I wanted which meant I had to do something else. Luckily I had planned a few extra anyway so it was no great shakes but I would definitely keep a few extra projects up your sleeve just in case.

What new ventures do you have in the works?

I’m really enjoying writing my daily blog and my work with the vintage pamperbox and as a make up artist is keeping me very busy. I would love to write another book!

Thank you so much Betty Bee for sharing your thoughts with us! And many thanks to Cico Books for sponsoring the giveaway. Don’t forget to leave your comment for a chance to win Handmade Wedding Crafts. Best wishes to all who enter!

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{Handmade Wedding Crafts by Betty Bee is published by Cico Books at $21.95 and is available from}




  1. Gabby Escamill says

    This book would be perfect for me! I know so many brides to be that could benefit from this. There’s just nothing like handmade! :)

  2. says

    This would be perfect for my wedding in 2015! I’m hoping to start the DIY elements very soon and this book looks inspiring!

  3. Wendy Hatton says

    My daughter is looking at new ideas for her wedding (some time away yet) so she would love to find some ideas from this book.

  4. says

    Fabulous interview which has definitely left me wanting more. It would be fab to win the book but if not then I might have to give in to my crafty urges and treat myself anyway!

  5. Mary Rokisky says

    I would love to read the shabby chic chapter of this book to help a friend for her wedding this year.

  6. Mandy Metcalfe says

    I so need to make time to start a craft hobby! It’s like the creative side of me is desperate to come out! This book looks amazing and I’m so glad to have found your write up. Thank you!

  7. says

    What a great book! I could really use this as I am in my niece’s wedding this summer and am partly in charge of making decorations for the reception.


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