Doily Details for Weddings

DIY Doily Vase {Emmaline Bride}

Doily Cupcake Wrappers {Plan A}

DIY Paper Doily Envelopes {Ruffled}

Lace Doilies and Weddings: A Growing Trend {Brenda’s Wedding Blog}

DIY Printable Doily Themed Details {Nonpareil Magazine}

Doily Place Cards and Chargers {Martha Stewart Weddings}


  1. Becky Green says

    VERY PRETTY IDEAS!! For my wedding YEARS AGO, I used a Large doiley, which had color!( It was given to my mother on her wedding.) Couldn’t afford flowers, but my doiley placed under our Unity Candle, was the PERFECT thing to give color & make everything pull together & look elegant!!!!!!

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