{Pinteresting Weddings} Chalkboard Inspiration


From signs to to favors to seating charts and more, chalkboard has it covered! This week’s edition of PInteresting Weddings is all about the myriad ways to add chalkboard-inspired touches to your wedding celebrations. I’ve started the board with 20 entries so far, but I’ll be adding to it often. So many creative ways to use this versatile element! Check out the Pinterest board here. If you have chalkboard-inspired ideas, tutorials, DIYs, or products you’d like to see included on our PInteresting Weddings board, please leave a comment with your link in this post, or send an email to me at weddings@craftgossip.com. Please be sure that the link you leave goes directly to your chalkboard related post. In the meantime please enjoy our chalkboard pins!

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